About The Band

Because Fun Is A Talent

Off The Record

Off The Record is an energetic, fun party band, available to make your next event pop! From weddings and b’nai mitzvahs to corporate events and parties, OTR will take your event to the next level. You can expect hit after hit from the '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s, '00s, and today, including Modern and Classic Rock, Pop, Country, Alternative, and R&B.

Floyd HaasFloyd Haas Guitar | Vocals
Fluffy bunnies and constantly raging against the establishment, along with a golden Twinkie-style cream filling, all combine to provide the strange and eclectic output that emanates from Floyd's fretboard, interfacing with ears and connecting with souls. Guitarists are playful, and Floyd is just another playful guitarist. While rehearsal and practice are often serious things, playing in front of fans and music lovers is a consistently magical parade of fun and pleasure (for all parties involved). Floyd has been playing guitars since he was eight years old, and doesn't plan to ever stop.

Rich LundRich Lund Drums
Rich Lund has been laying down the beat with working cover bands in the Bay Area and Seattle since the 1980s, doing everything from Pop and Rock to Electronic Dance Music, Hard Rock, Singer-Songwriter Folk, Swing, and Blues. For Rich, it is all about finding the right groove for the song—and getting the crowd dancing! When not playing music, he keeps himself busy with his day job as a real estate attorney in Oakland.

Jochen StraubJochen Straub Guitar
For Jochen, it’s all about the groove and making the songs shine. And making sure people are dancing, of course. Jochen has been playing guitar and bass in a variety of genres from Classic Rock to Pop, Spanish Rock, Mariachi music, Salsa, and Jazz. He has been gigging consistently in Germany, Argentina, and the Bay Area since the ‘90s and made a number of studio recordings with big bands and his San Francisco-based indie band, Wish Inflicted.

Motown Jeffrey WinslowMotown Jeffrey Winslow Vocals | Keys
Jeffrey Winslow got his start in the San Francisco Bay Area rock music scene of the late '80s, performing with bands such as Killer Instinct and Scattergun. But he really came into his own as a multi-dimensional vocalist in Santa Barbara, fronting funk-rock quintet Psycho Graffiti, as well as two gospel choirs. During that time, he earned the nickname "Motown" for the influence of that signature, soulful R&B sound on his vocal style. And it's his ability to bring that influence to his performance of hard rock music that truly sets him apart.

Since returning to the Bay Area, Jeffrey has repeatedly been called upon to provide vocals for studio sessions, has written and performed music for television and radio commercials, and held down lead vocal duties for East Bay hard rockers Vertigo, 3rd & King, Syrym, and HazeXperience. As the vocalist for Syrym, he has sold albums worldwide and appeared in magazines and on radio with songs like "Ugly On The Inside," "Foul Mouth Blues," and "What I'm Trying To Say." He spent several years in HazeXperience performing with original Y&T drummer Leonard Haze, until the legendary musician's passing in 2016.

Some of Jeffrey’s vocal and musical influences include Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Jackie Wilson, Billy Joel, and Elton John. He is also a big fan of wide-ranging artists, including John Mayer, Jeff Scott Soto, Tesla, Gavin DeGraw, Fall Out Boy, Twenty One Pilots, and Aranda.

Steve MayedaSteve Mayeda Bass
If you thought that somebody that enjoys playing in jazz big bands wouldn't have a clue about rockin' out, think again. Steve brings it with infectious energy at every show. If you have concerns about catching HDFS (Happy Dancing Feet Syndrome), look the other way. If you don't want to risk contracting a case of GSRF (Goofy Smirk Resting Face), just look the other way. The man-boy lays down groovalicious fatness with a savory blend of 5-string electric bass and synthesizers. We won't even mention his choices of hair color, but he has been sighted donning some extremely whacked-out stage wardrobe. It's been rumored he shamelessly indulges in the joys of the guilty pleasure song. Help yourself to a serving of some Steve, but please remember—do so at your own risk!